Emory University Departments

Office of Real Estate Services assists Emory University departments who are looking for off campus space to accommodate their needs that cannot be met on campus by identifying potential locations and negotiating the lease.

Please see the FAQ section that will help answer most common questions relating to the leasing process. 

If your department is currently looking for space or considering a major move we ask that you complete the Request for Lease Form.  This form does require appropriate signature approval of senior management before we can begin this search.  Please send the completed form to Jan Becker

Service and Maintenance Issues

Office of Real Estate Services serves as a liaison and encourages any department in an off campus leased space to contact our office immediately with any Landlord/Tenant issue or problem so that we can help.

Renewals and Terminations

Office of Real Estate Services can assist each department, prior to the expiration of their lease, whether to renew or terminate their lease.  Approximately one year prior to the lease termination you will receive a notice advising you that your lease is going to expire.  There are some instances where a tenant has to give more than a 60 day notice and the reason we want you to begin thinking a year in advance what your options are for your department.  It can take up to a year to find new space and then build out according to your needs.